Bell Gardens City facilities are closed to the public. City staff is available via telephone, email and mail.  For more information, please call (562) 806-7700.  Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Parks & Facilities Maintenance

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To provide efficient, cost effective maintenance program for all Bell Gardens City owned buildings and Parks including Bell Gardens Veteran’s . Ford, Marlow, Darwell, Gallant, Honnon and Julia Russ Asmus Parks including the Bell Gardens Sports Center. In addition, maintain the Grounds and Parking lots of City Hall, Police Department, Public Parking Lots, Youth Center, Los Angeles County Library, the Community Services Facility (formerly known as the Siena Building) and Park View Terrace, the new senior center. The division also makes all general repairs through a combination of contract services and City staff. Administer air conditioning, landscape, tree trimming, and swimming pool contracts. Performing these services using efficient, cost-effective methods protects and maintains the appearance of the facilities in an aesthetically pleasing condition. This may motivate residents to keep up their properties and help create a sense of pride in the community.

Asmus Park 8321 Jaboneria Rd.
BGY Park 6662 Loveland Ave.
City Hall 7100 Garfield Ave. (562) 806-7700
County Library 7110 Garfield Ave. (562) 927-1301
Darwell Park 6863 Darwell Ave.
Fire Station 7000 Garfield Ave.
Ford Adult School 7800 Park Lane
Ford Park PW Yard 8000 Park Lane (562) 928-5424
Ford Park Rec. Dept 8000 Park Lane (562) 806-7650
Gallant Park 5978 Gallant St. II.
Golf Course 8000 Park Lane
Hannon Park 6902 Hannon St.
Job referral center 6662 Loveland Ave.
Marlow Park Annex 6626 Marlow Ave.
Marlow Park 6640 Marlow Ave.
NYC 5856 Ludell Ave.
Parkview Terrace 6722 Clara St.
Police Department 7100 Garfield Ave. (562) 806-7600
Public Works Dept 8327 Garfield Ave. (562) 806-7770
Sierra Bldg. 6423 Florence Pl.
Skate Park 6645 Florence Pl.
Water Well 6607 Florence Pl.
Woodworth House 6820 Foster Bridge Blvd.
Youth Service Bureau 5840 Florence Ave. (562) 806-7670