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Events and Excursions

The Neighborhood Youth Center and Bell Gardens Veterans Park "Game Room" have schedule a variety of fun events and excursions for Teens and Tweens ages 11-15.  For more information please call (562) 806-7654.




Upcoming Events:

You and your friends are invited to a fun night of bowling. A parent release form is required in order to participate. Youth ages 11-15 can sign up at the following locations:

Bell Gardens Veterans Park -Game Room - 6662 Loveland Street
Monday - Friday - 2:00pm-6:00pn

Neighborhood Youth Center -5856 Ludell Street
Monday - Friday 2:00pm-7:00pm

Calling all Teens! We have a fun night with lots of activities just for you. We have scheduled a live DJ, fun interactive booths, PS4 tournament, a rock wall and more. This event is free. A parent release form is required to participate. For more information call (562) 806-7654.